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Quark Model Rocket Kit Estes 0802

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Quark  Model Rocket Kit

 Estes Item 0802

 Over 5 inches long

Simple Construction (only 7 parts)

Some Painting Required

Skill Level 1

Additional Items Needed to Build This Rocket
                         1. Scissors

                         2. Hobby Knife*

                         3. Pencil

                         4. Plastic Cement*

                         5. Masking Tape

                        6. Paint*

Here is What You will Need to Fly This Rocket

                   1. Recovery Wadding*

                   2. Any One of the Following Engines:

                                    1/2A3-4T (first flight)*

                                    A3-4T *

                                    A10-3T *

                   3. Launch Pad and Controller**

*stocked here

**these come with the Launch Set 1497 (and its cheaper to buy this set then to buy the launch pad and controller individually)

To be used only with Estes model rocket products

Questions? Call 877-204-0750 toll-free