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ES2232 Model Rocket Altitude Finder--Altitrak by Estes

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Quick Overview

How high did it really go? Next time, measure it with this easy to use device.

002232 - AltiTrak? Description

Follow the rocket in the sights to apogee, release the trigger to lock the reading. It is that easy. Use two Altitraks for greater accuracy.

Measures altitudes over 1300 feet


  1. Pace off 500 feet from launch pad at a right angle to the wind.
  2. Hold at arm's length, pointed at rocket. Pull and hold trigger, then signal for launch.
  3. Track rocket through forward sight. When rocket reaches maximum altitude release the trigger.  Read the height indicated on swing arm.

Great for school and science projects!

Additional Information

 To be used only with Estes model rocket products