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Blue Max Pfal 1:32 Scale Model Kit Encore 32004

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 1/32 scale. "Blue Max" Pfalz. Encore Models. This svelte but durable World War I German fighter kit comes with optional parts to build your choice of three versions - historical, literary (as described by Jack D. Hunter in his 1964 novel The Blue Max), or the movie version of the plane as seen in The Blue Max, the 1966 film adaptation,starring George Peppard, James Mason, and Ursula Andress.

full cockpit interior,
Mercedes D.III engine (upper engine fairings and engine cylinder banks)
accurate exterior with subtle fabric-over-frame effects - plastic is ex-Roden.
additional resin cockpit instruments, machine gun receivers and muzzles,
ammunition magazine,
photo-etch parts (interior, exterior and gun details).

figures included:
Leutnant Stachel and the Gr?fin von Klugermann

Decals and color painting guide for (3) aircraft:
Pfalz D.III flown by Ltn. Bruno Stachel as depicted in the feature film (includes cinematic 7-color lozenge camouflage);
Pfalz D.III 4201/17 flown by Ltn. Bruno Stachel as depicted in Jack Hunter's novel and
Pfalz D.III 4059/17 as flown by Ltn. Heinrich Arntzen of Jasta 15 on the Western Front during January, 1918.