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Metal Earth - Black Pearl ICX016

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Like origami, only with metal instead of paper
3D Laser Cut Models
  • Pop out the pieces
  • Put them together
  • Show off your steel model


    There once was a real ship named Black Pearl captained by Henry Morgan, one of the world?s most notorious pirates. The Black Pearl which first sailed in 1669 fought many battles; the most famous of which was an invasion in Panama in 1671. The following year Captain Morgan was put in prison in England. Years later he returned to Jamaica as a judge and governor. Henry Morgan died in England in 1688 after a long illness.
    Number of sheets:2 Sheets
    Assembled Size:5.75"L x 1.75"W x 4.5"H
    (14.61 x 4.45 x 11.43 cm