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Winchester Gun Cleaner 11 oz MP 7010

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Winchester Gun Cleaner

Specially formulated deep penetrating cleaner and lubricant that cleans gun actions without disassembly.  Breaks loose dirt and corrosion that damages metal parts. Penetrates rusty corroded and sticky mechanisms to free trapped grit and dirt. Contains a high grade lubricant for smooth reliable operation of firearm parts while leaving a corrosion-protectant coating for maintaining fine firearms.  The jet action spray from the extension tube blasts away dirt from hard to reach areas of chambers, barrels, choke tubes, gas ports, magazines and barrel threads.  Works great for bolt lever and slide actions, single shots and automatics. Also equally effective on shotguns,air rifles, muzzle loaders, air guns and rifles.

  • Blasts dirt away
  • Cleans loose dirt and corrosion that damages metal
  • Lubricates and protects