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O2 BEAM? Green Long Range Universal Mount Gun Light 300 Lumens NEBO 6008

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The O2 BEAM? uses patented O2 Technology? to achieve a beam of light so impressive - you?ll have to see it to believe.

Why green? Because the human eye recognizes the color green faster than other colors, green light is used for map reading or signaling, especially in low light conditions.  Also perfect for hunting as some game cannot see green light.

The natural tendency of light is to disperse into infinite directions. NEBO uses optics to help us focus the light?s intensity in one direction. The Optimized Optics bends the light closer toward the center of the beam. The result is a hotter, brighter spotlight with the lowest power consumption in its class.

? High-power 2400 LUX Green LED

? High: 2400 LUX - 8 Hours / 274 Meters
? Medium: 980 LUX - 14 Hours / 130 Meters
? Low: 255 LUX - 21 Hours / 32 Meters
? High-power: 1140 LUX LED - 24 Hours / 274 Meters

? Universal long gun mount accommodates barrel
  and scope diameters from 20mm to 32.5mm

? Tactical edge
? Convex lens
? 4x adjustable beam
? O2 Technology?
? Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum;
  water and impact-resistant
? Instant strobe side button
? Mount includes accessory rail system
  for mounting additional accessories
  (18mm x 24mm)


  • Standard end cap for use as a standard flashlight
  • dual-mode pressure switch for mounting on a gun
  • Uses steady and momentary activation

? Universal mount
? Dual-mode pressure switch

? 3 AAA batteries included

? Length ? 6.25?
? Diameter ? Head: 2.125? / Barrel: 1.5?