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Army-Navy WWII Aircraft Paint Set #1 Tru-Color 10604

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The paints in this set colors for the U.S. Army Air Corp and Naval Air Forces used on aircraft from 1925 to 1941.  Also included are experimental camouflage colors.

Six colors in (1) ounce bottles

  • 1231 ANA 623 Deep Blue-Black
  • 1232 ANA 606 Semi-Matte (semi-gloss) Deep Blue-Black
  • 1236 ANA 613 Olive Drab, Army
  • 1237 ANA 616 Sand, North Africa, Army
  • 1240 ANA 608 Intermediate Blue
  • 1246 ANA 610 Sky Green

Tru-Color Paint is designed for the modeler. Tru-Color Paint is a solvent based paint with an acrylic polymer used as the binding agent which adheres very well to plastic or metal models, when those models are properly prepared.
The pigments and/or dyes used to produce the correct colors are very finely ground so that they do not clog air-brushes.

It is designed to be air-brushed without the need for thinning. Suggested clean-up of the air-brush equipment is with acetone.

To insure proper adhesion for plastic models - wash the model in mild soapy water to remove residual processing oils and dirt, rinse thoroughly with clean water and let dry or use a lint free cloth to dry. It is now ready to be painted. For metal models (brass for example), sand blast or treat the metal surface in some fashion to give Tru-Color Paint a prepared surface to adhere to. Then use our Primer, Tru-Color Paint 007, and spray paint the model, allow sufficient drying time and then paint the model with the desired color(s).