Winchester Synthetic Safe Gun Wash 10 oz MP 7089
also available in 3.5 ounce

Winchester Synthetic Safe Gun Wash 10 oz MP 7089

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Part Number:MP7089
Winchester Synthetic Safe Gun Wash Cleaner

Specially formulated to clean today's firearms without having to worry about harming the actual gun material or the design imprinted on the gun.  Blasts away dirt and will not harm plastics, laminates, wood, composites, rubber grips or any other material used in the construction and design of modern firearms.  Safe on all camo finishes. A deep cleaning cleaner that cleans gun actions without disassembly.  Contains a high grade synthetic safe cleaner that dislodges and removes oil, grease and residue from metal parts.  Eliminates jams while improving accuracy and reliability.  The jet action spray from the extension tube blasts away dirt from hard to reach areas of chambers, barrels, choke tubes, gas ports, magazines and barrel threads.  Works great for bolt lever and slide actions, single shots, automatics as well as on shotguns,air rifles, muzzle loaders, air guns and rifles.  It dries fast and leaves no residue on all metal parts.

  • Blasts away dirt
  • Safe on all synthetic, camo and wood finishes including plastic, rubber and metal
  • dries fast
  • leaves no residue
  • for pistols, revolvers, rifles,shotguns, automatic weapons